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If you're in the market for a new or pre-owned boat, and you're seeking an unparalleled dealership experience, then Imperial Marine is your destination. Located in the heart of Tampa Bay, our dedicated and knowledgeable team is ready to exceed your sales and service expectations.
At Imperial Marine, we redefine what it means to provide customer service in the boating industry. We understand the value of your time and prioritize your needs above all else. It's not about our success; it's about ensuring you, our valued customer, are satisfied and cared for.
When you purchase a boat or yacht from us, you're not just buying a vessel, you're joining the Imperial Marine family. And in this family, you're treated with access to our personalized concierge service operating around the clock. We strive to make every day of your boat ownership an extraordinary experience, adding a little extra joy to your life on the water.


North Tampa Bay

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